Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Candidates are required to submit self attested copies of documents/certificates in support of minimum Academic Eligibility along-with the hard copy of application form. Original Certificates / documents shall be submitted only at the time of Admission in the College for which a separate notification shall be issued.


Eligibility for admission under the categories of Sports, Guides and Cultural and Literary Activities shall be based on outstanding performance displayed during the 3 year tenure of B.A./B.Sc. (General Course, 10+2+3 pattern) or a Programme recognised as equivalent there of subject to the conditions laid down in the relevant statutes. Candidates are required to enclose self attested copies of certificate / document pertaining to achievement categories with along-with the hard copy of application form.


Candidate has to submit self attested copies of certificate/Documents along with the hard copy of application form

  1. Secondary School Marks sheet
  2. Higher Secondary School Marks sheet
  3. Undergraduate degree Marks sheet
  4. Adhar Card
  5. Caste Certificate (if applicable)
  6. Certificate / document pertaining to achievement categories.
  7. Any other document which you think is supporting. Admission shall be finalised and notified by the Admission Committee of the college by the date specified for the purpose. Under no circumstances, the seats lying vacant in the college on the last prescribed date for completion of admission will be filled up by the Head of the college / Admission Committee unless the candidate falls immediately next in merit to the last admitted candidate in the category. If some seats still remain vacant, these will be referred to the Appellate Committee for consideration.

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